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Mr. Symmetrical is an internationally known tattoo artist, acrylic painter, and vinyl DJ based in the DMV. With a captivating presence, he enchants audiences not only at local and international tattoo studios but also within the underground scene and popular clubs like Flash DC and The Paradox.

Recognized for his magnetic charisma and vibrant socialite personality, Mr. Symmetrical is a truly multitalented artist. Inspired by sacred geometry, his distinctive style revolves around intricate patterns that become stunning tattoos.


Meticulously crafted to fit the body perfectly, his designs combine body lines, dots, shades, and symmetrical elements, creating unique adornments reminiscent of powerful armor or exquisite jewelry.

Mr. Symmetrical's tattoo artistry has earned him prestigious awards that honor his mastery of sacred geometry-inspired designs. These accolades testify to his impressive skills and talent in the field, solidifying his position as an esteemed artist in the industry.

Carlos Lopez AKA Mr. Symmetrical DJ music producer


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